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Rebecca Hoffman rjhoffman at runbox.com
Wed Jan 17 15:20:51 PST 2007

Thanks, Angus. If the weather breaks here, I'll head over to the Apple 
store on Friday and see what they think.


On Jan 17, 2007, at 3:01 PM, Angus Wallace wrote:

> Howdy Rebecca,
> I _only_ use my iBook with the hard disk about 90% full, and I've had 
> it over
> 99% full a few times (but it's not a Good Thing). The main reason one 
> runs into
> problems here, is that when you run out of memory (RAM) the computer 
> stores some
> of it on the hard disk. If you run out of disk space here, things can 
> get messy.
> Try to keep about 5GB of hard disk free, always.. especially if you 
> use lots of
> applications at once.
> Having said this, I don't think it's your problem (from what you've 
> said). It
> sounds like you have some faulty hardware. It might be that when you 
> leave your
> computer for a few minutes, the hard disk goes into power saving mode, 
> and that
> there's a problem here (for instance, it might be sending a heap of 
> spurious
> signals back to the computer that cause it to crash).
> To get a better idea of what the problem is, you should look at the 
> crash dump.
> this is a file that is stored by the computer when it crashes, and has 
> details
> of why. Apple provide a nice program for looking at this. it's in
> /Applications/Utilities and is called 'Console'. If you're not very 
> computer
> savvy, there's probably not much point in looking though, and you may 
> as well
> take your iBook into an Apple store and get them to have a look.. 
> Hopefully if
> they look at it for 5 minutes, and know what they're doing, they'll be 
> able to
> give you a diagnosis and expected cost of repair, and then you can 
> make a
> decision about buying something new..
> VERY IMPORTANT: it's always vital to have regular, incremental, 
> redundant
> backups. This is particularly the case if you think you might have a 
> hardware
> fault, and even more so if you plan to take the computer to a store 
> (because
> you might get a different computer back - or at lease a different hard 
> disk).
> Good luck with it, and let us know how it goes,
> Cheers,
> -Angus
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