[iBook] My ibook G3 800 mhz

Chris Oinonen Ehren oinonenehren at comcast.net
Tue Jan 30 14:26:51 PST 2007

This is a weird question.   I am trying to pin down what model of  
ibook I have because I have a control/apple key that won't stay on  
the keyboard.  I suspect some tiny plastic orifice or protuberance  
has snapped off, and I can't seem to find anyone who sells individual  
keys, so it looks like I need a new keyboard, but I don't want to  
order the wrong one.   One of the big identifiers is the "display  
size", one option being 12.1" the other 14.1".   Trouble is, when I  
take my tape measure to it, even if I measure horizontally and  
include the frame, not just the display, the most I can get is  
11.25.  How can this be?  I don't find any record of 11.1" displays  
anywhere.   Is this just the sales department exaggerating (again) or  
do I have some kind of feral half-mac or mutation?

Other distinguishing features:  It has a translucent case & keyboard  
and non-metallic audio port (can you tell I've been to I love macs?)  
and its cd drive is tray loaded.

I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me with my  
identification.   Also, is there anyone out there with a defunct  
keyboard who would be willing to sell me just the command key and the  
bearing underneath?  Or sell me the whole thing, I don't care if the  
electronics are fried, all I need are the little plastic bits.  Or is  
there any chance that someone knows where individual keys can be  

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave,
oinonenehren at comcast.net

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