[iBook] re.: install os x 10.4, optical drive gone on dual USB ibook 500 MB

Janice F. Jorgensen janicejorgensen at charter.net
Wed Jul 18 17:53:24 PDT 2007

Ok..i am stuck.
I have the ibook with Target disk..
I have the os x 10.4 disk installed in macbook (this disk is not the macbook os x 10.4 version)
the target disk shows up on my macbook desktop
the install disk shows up on desktop
when i open it /click on it.. the only message that comes up is Mac OS x 10.4 cannot be installon on this machine.
I am not sure which machine it is referring to... 
How do i get it to know it is to install on the ibook?

I don't get to the select a destination...

Janice F. Jorgensen


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  Re.: installing OS X 10.4, optical drive gone on dual USB ibook 500 MB.

  Excellent detailed instructions at these two articles. 


  Installing OS X 10.4 'Tiger' on DVD-Challenged Macs Using FireWire Target Disk Mode
  Charles W Moore - 2006.07.10 

  And importantly, his followup at : 

  Using FireWire Target Disk Mode to Install OS X on Macs without DVD Drives 

  Good luck! 
  - Bob K. 

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  Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:36:09 -0400

  I have an USB dual ibook 500 mg.
  the optical drive is gone.
  I need to re- install os x 10.4. the hard drive is 10 gig and is empty right now. i had it installed previously.  I hear maybe i can use a firewire ...etc.  Any good explicit instructions out there.

  I have also heard that it cannot be done.. with my ibook model.  HELP!!!!!!!

  thanks so much

  Janice F. Jorgensen


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