[iBook]: install os x 10.4, optical drive gone on

Janice F. Jorgensen janicejorgensen at charter.net
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See the red...
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>Ok..i am stuck.
>I have the ibook with Target disk..
>I have the os x 10.4 disk installed in macbook (this disk is not the 
>macbook os x 10.4 version)
>the target disk shows up on my macbook desktop
>the install disk shows up on desktop
>when i open it /click on it.. the only message that comes up is Mac OS x 
>10.4 cannot be installon on this machine.
>I am not sure which machine it is referring to... 
>How do i get it to know it is to install on the ibook?
>I don't get to the select a destination...

Sounds like you are still booting from the MacBook instead of the Install 
DVD -- you shouldn't see the MacBook desktop, the Install DVD icon, or 
the Target Disk icon, as I recall. Did you restart with the Install DVD 
in the MacBook drive, holding down the C key? That will boot from the 
DVD, bypassing the MacBook drive, and show you icons of the available 
hard drives in a window with those marked with a green down-pointing 
arrow indicating where 10.4 can be installed.   it does not bypass the macbook drive.  I have retried holding down C key..... thanks..but ?????????

Janice F. Jorgensen


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