[iBook] external firewire CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

Janice F. Jorgensen janicejorgensen at charter.net
Tue Jul 31 04:49:43 PDT 2007

Did all of that..
the ibook starts up showing 2 things on the screen:
an circular arrow in a box/folder   and a arrow pointing to the right
so i click circular arrow  and wait..and wait.
  1.. hold down option key and press circular arrow   nothing
  b.. hold down apple key and press circular arrow   nothing
  c.. hold down apple key and ctrl  and press circular arrow   nothing
Now i notice that when i boot the ibook..no longer do i have the "spinning
world"  goes straight to flashing ? in folder.

i found this page and am wondering about doing that to the ibbok.
http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/partitioning_tiger.html  just the
formatting not the partitioning.  wondering if
that formatting would help get away from the flashing ? etc....  just random

Janice F. Jorgensen

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So, now we need to find a way to get your iBook to gain access to the
OS X install disk contained in the MacBook.

Try this:

Start by powering off both Macs.
Disconnect FireWire cable from both machines, for now.
(I assume the OS X install disk is still in the MacBook's optical drive)
Start up the MacBook (using the power button).
At the sound of the start-up chime, hold down T key on MacBook until
you see the FireWire symbol moving around.
Connect FireWire cable to both machines.
Start up the iBook with the Option key held down.
Keep the Option key down until you see something on the iBook screen.
What, if anything, do you see?
(I'm hoping you will be given the option to start up from the OS X disk.)


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