[iBook] Ibook 800mzh, OS 10.3.9, dual usb

robert stiefvater rstief at siouxvalley.net
Mon Jun 18 21:03:23 PDT 2007

I used to have Skype on this computer.  I had to reformat HD because I 
was having some weird problems and the guy at apple store after running 
some test, said that was the only way left  to check and see if the HD 
was going out.  Anyway I did that, thinking that I backed up everything 
using bounce back.

Anyway after I reinstalled 10.3.9,  I attempted to open skype.  It 
would not open.  I trashed everything. downloaded and attempted to 
install.  Nothing, just won't open.

The crash log says this-
--Host Name:      rs-Computer.local
Date/Time:      2007-05-04 20:45:48 -0500
OS Version:     10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2

Command: Skype
Path:    /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype
Version: ??? (???)
PID:     396
Thread:  Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

dyld: /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype can't open library: 
(No such file or directory, errno = 2)

SO I went looking for this folder/file.  can not find it on the ibook 
or on external drive where I backed up the computer.

I do have a IMAC,  I found that it had the folder,  so I copied  it to 
the IBook, but it won't allow me to put it in the system.

I checked my accounts and I see the the spot for allowing user to 
administer this computer is checked but it is also gray out where you 
can not do anything with it.  I don't know if this is a problem or not.

WAS wondering if you have any ideas on this or know where I could go to 
find out how to correct it.
Skype was no help. and apple store is not available in my area.

Thanks, bob

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