[iBook] Max RAM for 1.25GB iBook?

Malcolm Cornelius malcolm at fireflyuk.net
Wed Jun 27 11:13:22 PDT 2007

On 27 Jun 2007, at 18:22, M.Milligan wrote:

> When I purchased my iBook 2 years ago, the max RAM available was  
> 1.25GB. Has this been increased by using 3rd party chipsets? If so,  
> will someone direct me, politely, to whom I need to contact? Thanks

That's a good question - a lot of earlier machines were able to use  
later RAM which allowed more than what Apple declared as the max.

However your machine took just one card with 256MB on the logic board.

I'm not aware that 2GB cards were ever available in PC2100 DDR266,  
unless someone knows better.

Best wishes

Malcolm Cornelius - The Powerbook Fanatic

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