[iBook] thanks and another question

Robin Mayhall robin at hieran.com
Sun Mar 25 11:49:20 PDT 2007

Hi list,

First I want to thank those who encouraged me to get my logic board 
replaced via Apple's recall program. It ended up being a bit of a 
hassle, but that was due to my local reseller, not Apple. At least 
the deed is done and my display is working perfectly!

Second, I do have a question about something else going wrong that 
may be related to the replacement. I can no longer play songs I've 
purchased from iTunes. When I try, I first get a message that says 
I'm not authorized to play this song on this computer, and I need to 
sign in and authorize it. When I enter my username and password, I 
then get a message that says "This keychain is not valid." It tells 
me to open Keychain Access, run Keychain First Aid, and try again.

Well, I've done this several times, tried restarting, changing my 
password, etc., and I just keep getting the same message. Any 

robin at hieran.com

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