[iBook] migration assisant

Mary H. maryh at brucetelecom.com
Tue May 1 18:43:43 PDT 2007

At 8:11 PM -0400 5/1/07, JoeTomeo wrote:

>I have an  ibook and an emac both using osx 10.4.8.

You have a reason for not updating to 10.4.9?

>  I would like to us my older mac (emac) as my backup.  Thus I would 
>like to transfer files FROM my IBOOK TO my EMAC using migration 
>assisant .

Migration Assistant is a very handy app for its purpose but it was 
not designed as a backup app.

I think you would be better off to look at SuperDuper which is 
presently the backup app of choice for a lot of Mac users:

and then come back with any questions. Tell us the sizes of the 
drives in the eMac and the iBook.


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