[iBook] Can anyone help?

Robert Ameeti robert at ameeti.net
Thu May 24 09:13:44 PDT 2007

I don't think snobbery is the issue here. The user had not received 
much of a response and a suggestion was offered as to how to get more 
people to read the query and perhaps respond. You have a problem with 

At 11:47 AM -0400, 5/24/07, Steve R wrote:

>I hadn't realised this had become the snob list for the Microsoft 
>iBooks. Instead of slapping hands for not putting a better subject 
>line **on a list that barely has two posts PER MONTH** how about 
>making the list welcoming to iBook owners and potential iBook owners 
>who may not have the same elevated IQ as the ListNanny apparently 
>has? Maybe there would be more traffic on this list if some of us 
>increased the fiber in our diets.
>Steve R


Robert Ameeti

"Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to make their own decision."
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