[iBook] Dumb Blonde Admission...need help...

Pat patdart2 at mac.com
Tue Nov 13 12:59:08 PST 2007

I am clearing off my iBook to sell to a friend and I accidentally  
pulled my Quicken file off to my G5 and missed the desktop and it  
rewrote my Quicken file...overwrote it I mean.  How do I reinstall  
the newer one that is/was on my G5?  I've searched and searched and  
it just isn't there...I know it's on my software disk, but I don't  
want to reinstall all my software, just the Quicken.  Would it be in  
an old system folder or how do I get it back.  If I can't taxes will  
be a nightmare.  All I meant to retrieve from the old file were my  
records, but thought the 'safest' way was to move the whole thing and  
then find and move the records.

I now renounce my stupid ways!


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