[iBook] G3 Choppy

Clark Martin cmmac at sonic.net
Sun Nov 25 13:36:16 PST 2007

At 9:03 PM +0000 11/25/07, dmichaelharris at earthlink.net wrote:
>Is it common for a G3 iBook to be choppy using iTunes?

No, I've used iTunes on a range of G3s and they play the music pretty 
cleanly.  I'd say they are maybe two to three times as choppy as my 
G4 iBook but that is very low.

>Also, is it common for iTunes to have trouble with one particular song?

Sure, if there is a problem with the encoding of that song.  I still 
have two albums that have some problem.  They were the first I 
encoded and that was probably before iTunes.  Seriously, one day I'm 
going to re-encode them...soon.
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