[iBook] Extremely Sluggish iBook 700

James Phillip jamesphillip at mt.net
Sat Aug 9 08:34:35 PDT 2008


I'm trying to help a friend make useful an iBook 700mHz (640MB RAM)  
G3, but it is just slower than molasses, doing anything. Start-up will  
take 10 or more minutes, launching any app will take minutes. I've  
done several clean installs, both 10.3.9 and 10.4.11, but nothing  
seems to help. I haven't added any additional apps, just trying to get  
the base machine with only Apple apps to perform reasonably for now.  
I've switched out RAM with new RAM from OWC. Disk repair shows No  
Problems, Tech Tool Deluxe and Disk Warrior find no problems. I've  
reset the nvram, but I'm stymied. Any ideas or suggestions would be  
greatly appreciated.


Jim Lubek
Helena, MT

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