[iBook] Long Term iBook Storage

Jim Scott jescott3 at mac.com
Tue Mar 30 10:16:17 PDT 2010

On Mar 30, 2010, at 2:56 AM, Fred Stevens K2FRD wrote:

> Not an ideal living and climate situation, not sure if there is such a thing in continental US but sure as hell beats my old residence in upstate NY where Jan temps typically dip to minus 20F with heating bills $350/month. I'm not sure if the cool Northern CA coastal region might be any better in winter. Does any of that white stuff fall around your location?  The only s**w I ever want to see again is on a postcard :-D
> Fred Stevens
> Survivor of the coldest and wettest AZ winter weather in decades, but NO white stuff!


Humboldt County and Eureka, CA, where I live, has a mean annual average temperature of 54 degrees F. A hot day in July is 70 degrees near the Pacific/Humboldt Bay; it occasionally gets down to almost freezing along the coast during January/February. That's in a strip about 4 miles deep along the coast, which is were most of the 120,000 people in the county live. Go inland a few more miles, and up into the hills/mountains, and you can get snow at 1500 feet and up, as well as below freezing temps. I've seen only a couple of brief periods of snow accumulation in 20 years of living here (Eureka). We get about 40 inches of rain from late October-early May. Late spring through October are lovely. Winter floods in the river valleys and earthquakes (we're quite near the Mendocino Triple Junction) are the main signs we live on the same planet at the rest of humanity. 



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