[iBook] OS for g3 and g4 ibooks?

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I upgraded the Pro to Lion OS 10.7 a couple weeks ago: BIG mistake! Lion royally screwed up my Pro such that most of my "older" applications (my Dragon Dictate was only 6 months old) wouldn't work; I couldn't even get online via Verizon 3G.
Yup...!  Apple's policy of nudging folks into "modern times" strikes again....!!

Leopard dropped support for Classic, Snow Leopard dropped support for PPC computers and Lion dropped support for PPC Applications via Rosetta (as well as the 1st Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors, as 2006 is evidently too long ago to expect your machine to run the latest & greatest).

"Time Marches On!"

I consult for several law firms, and as such I find many Tiger PPC machines that are still in use because Claris WordPerfect, which many law firms still use because of its previous involvement with legal research software Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw, never had a OSX version.  Their machines still have to be able to run Classic as a result.... or spend $$$$ to upgrade their hardware and software to replace a setup that still works and makes them money.

If I Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

Craig W.
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