[iBook] My email address is been used by somebody else

Ari Scott ariscott at ameritech.net
Wed Apr 11 14:03:40 PDT 2012

It could be a virus, but I think changing the password should be the first thing 
you do, and look for a virus if it reoccurs. An outbreak of a trojan called 
"Flashback" has occurred, which imitates a Flash Player installer. It can obtain 
passwords from users, along with important information. Here's an article about 


I found something on how to remove it, which should show up on the first page of 
a Google search. The only other known Mac virus I can think of is the Oompa 
Loompa virus, but you would be able to tell once you hear the Oompa Loompa song 
looping in the background for a couple days. iChat is another common way for 
those kinds of viruses to spread, but they're not common. What are the subjects 
of the emails that you ended up sending anyways? You might be able to infer a 
couple of things from that. I suggest trying to start up a new email account, 
and maybe ask your contacts to block your other one until you've solved the 
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