[iBook] when I am using computer, it just stops /turns off.

Sean Finnegan johnf4 at mac.com
Fri Mar 16 02:36:08 PDT 2012

I have an iBook details are as follows:

    Machine Name:	iBook G4
    Machine Model:	PowerBook6,5
    CPU Type:	PowerPC G4  (1.2)
    Number Of CPUs:	1
    CPU Speed:	1.33 GHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU):	512 KB
    Memory:	512 MB
    Bus Speed:	133 MHz
    Boot ROM Version:	4.8.7f1
    Serial Number:	4H51907SS85

  When I am using the above computer, it just stops /turns off. I  
have to start it up again sometimes it will keep going, other times  
it will stop/turns off. It is happening more often now.

Any advice to what the problem is, would be appreciated. Would it be  
a faulty power switch? I use computer from power line all the time.


johnf4 at mac.com

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