[iBook] when I am using computer, it just stops /turns off.

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In a message dated 3/16/12 8:07:37 AM, josh.w.richards at gmail.com writes:

> Sounds more like your fan is dead and it's overheating. My Macbook did
> the same thing.

If the machine runs longest when it hasn't been used in awhile, and the 
shutdowns occur more frequently/sooner after the 1st one, then I would also 
agree with overheating as a possible cause.

However, since the orig. poster said:

" I have to start it up again sometimes it will keep going, other times 
it will stop/turns off" 

that makes me think that if it stays on indefinitely after a restart -- 
when one of these shut-offs happens -- then it may not be a heat issue (or may 
be a sporadic fan malfunction).

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