[iBook] when I am using computer, it just stops /turns off.

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> Sporadic is a good word. My MacBook would be fine until I started doing 
> more intensive work on it, then it would shut down. So sometimes it would 
> run for a while with no problems, if I was just browsing the web or 
> something.

Yep; that sounds like it.   I agree.


The original poster (sorry I am mobile right now) should do one fo two 
things, probably both:

1) Get thee to a copy of Apple Service Diagnostics (ASD) for your machine 
-- 2.5.7 I think? -- and run the test on the fan.

2) Wiggle the cord on the AC adapter -- 1st from the brick and then from 
the connector that plugs into the machine -- and see if power is not 
interrupted.... or try another charger if available.

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