[CUBE] (OT) Installing Processor Upgrades.. PISMO( OT)

Hal kastegir at mac.com
Mon Aug 18 11:18:12 PDT 2003

I did the PL upgrade on my Pismo last year (to a G4/500). At that time, 
it was necessary to send in the whole computer because they reuse your 
original processor card, and just replace the CPU chip with a faster 
one. They then test the computer to make sure everything is working.


On Monday, August 18, 2003, at 12:09 PM, david sarcastix wrote:

>> It's not particularly difficult, just a lot of steps. Which is why we
>> include a video on DVD with our Cube card...much easier than
>> following a printed manual, you can pause the DVD at each step and
>> 'follow the leader' so to speak.
>> Robert
> Thanks for the reply.
> Now that I've gotten your attention I want to talk about my PISMO.
> Is it not true that I have to send in the processor, which you then 
> upgrade,
> and send back to me?  If I want to upgrade to a 900 MHz G3?
> Is their no way around this?  My Powerbook is 'my' computer. Which 
> means
> that it has all my current projects, emails, documents, etc.
> Why is it necessary to send it in?
> Forgive me if it's been answered 3000 times.

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