[CUBE] weirdo stuff in email replication going on/ help?

Meirion Roscoe roscoe at macunlimited.net
Wed Aug 20 14:44:36 PDT 2003

If you can get a copy of this month's Macuser (UK version) and read the 
article on the second to last page , you will see that the author of 
that article has exactly the same problem as yourself and that is 
because some bored-with-real-life losers in Florida got hold of his 
e-mail address and cloned it so they could send hundreds of " Wanna 
double the size of your wanger?" spam mails.  It may be worth checking 
with your ISP because if some of the recipients have complained that 
you are spamming them, your ISP may see you as a 'persona non grata' 
pretty swiftish.  Hope this helps some.


On Wednesday, Aug 20, 2003, at 07:52 Europe/London, Lacorona at aol.com 

> Hi guys and gals
> well, seopmthing weird is happening, have  aol, and cube is crusing, 
> but am
> getting so far today about 30 eamils that are 'mailer' daemon' or "out 
> of
> office" or Can't transmit" miessages supposedly returningmail I NEVER 
> sent, don't
> recog any of the addys. I ran my Norton Virus,  i says everything 
> lcean. Any
> ideas?
> Geez.
> I thought the worm thang was just a windopws  thing.
> thanks,
> kub
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