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One of the reasons that electronic part especially are costly, and why 
you pay a fee to UPS, etc. is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms 
Regulations).  Way back when in the dark ages, we were delivering an 
instrument for testing in Bern Switzerland.  To control the data taking 
I was using a KayPro (Z80 CP/M machine, one of the first lugables) to do 
data taking and analysis.  Because the shipping document said it was a 
computer, the whole shipment sat in bonded storage for a week, while 
shipping agents filled out mountains of paperwork to import a computer 
that was available for sale in Switzerland.  It doesn't make sense, but 
that's ITAR.

By the way, removing the CPU from the box is against ITAR, and 
punishable by jail time, and a large fine, although it's doubtful anyone 
would notice.


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