[Cube] Power Cord Glow on or Off?

Riba riba at ml1.net
Thu Dec 2 07:56:43 PST 2004

> My beloved Cube has recently gone dark - due to my own bit of negligence
> I'm afraid to say - and I've just ordered the part I hope will bring it
> back to life, the DC-DC card the Cube uses to convert the Power brick's
> current to the rest of the machine. At least that's how I understand it.
> Does the light on the power cord, at the Cube end, light all the time
> that there is a current present to it (like PB's & iBooks), or is it on
> only when the machine turns on? I should have observed, this before, but
> I'd like confirmation from working Cube users.

The power connector does not light up at all on the Cube. There is a LED
inside that does light up, but not sure if it is on the moment you plug
the power cable in or after you turn it on.

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