[Cube] Problems with Powerlogix Upgrade 1.35 GHz - yout too?

Stuart Birchall stuart at zen.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 05:45:36 PST 2004


I wonder if it's a cooling or power issue?

I'm just about to install a Sonnet upgrade for a cube and have been looking 
at the PSU with some suspicion - How much capacity is in there to support 
power hungry upgrades?


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> Hello friends,
> after a long time of waiting I decided to buy a Powerlogix 100 1.3 GHz 
> 7457 Upgrade.
> Nervous and with a feeling like christmas I waited and built it into my 
> cube.
> In fact: about 3x times faster than my 450 MHz CPU I could measure with 
> Xbench. Heureka!!!
> But than the problems began: crashes, defect and even dead harddisks 
> followed and so on.
> Be sure, I did everything like the instructions told me. Three days and 
> tow defect HDs later I ask myself, what might be the reason.
> So I couldn't install more than 10.3: 10.3.2.dmg couldn't be mounted, same 
> with installation of other software. (I made a clean install, therefore I 
> can't imagine, that owner rights or preferences can be the reason...)
> As I remarked, my cube had and has Boot ROM Version 4.1.9 "f".
> No, back to 450 MHz, my cube works stable again.
> I'm quite sure, the CPU is OK. In fact it
> Has anybody of you had similar problems?
> Very interested
> Stefan
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