[Cube] Cube *NOT* For Sale - I Actually Have a Question!

Allan Hise allan at hise.org
Tue Dec 14 00:05:49 PST 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Laurie A Duncan wrote:

> As long as you don't consider a screwdriver to be a WMD, that's all you need
> :)

As long as they don't use metric screwdrivers or something over here that
I don't know about! ;)

> Flip the empty enclosure upside down and you'll see the screws that hold the
> metal sleeve to the acrylic shell around the perimeter of the top vent. Be
> careful not to tear the grille webbing.

Thanks for the tip Laurie. I'll try that if Riba's paper trick doesn't


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