[Cube] Silent PC's

Nicolas ndk at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Dec 15 04:41:09 PST 2004

TonVanHest wrote:

> Op 13-dec-04 om 17:39 heeft Donald Schwab het volgende geschreven:
>     Maybe they sold you a very large Shuttle, Ton, or you have a rather
>     unusual undersized Cube.
> Or (most likely) I am not a civil employee and did not take the time to 
> measure my Cube (which is barenaked at the time) and my Shuttle and so I 
> dud just an estimate.
> Besides that, is it really important what the exact diferences are? On 
> my desktop they live in peace with each other and do not quarrel over 
> anything.

Your tone suggests that you are the quarreling type. ;)
The OP posted about silent PCs,  for which you couldn't make the
connection with Cubes (most Cube owners consider the silence of their
Cube as one of the most important factors in deciding to buy it), then
you post that you have a shuttle that isn't comparable to a Cube and
then, a little dig about how you're not a civil employee with too much
time on his hands.


> Met vriendelijke groeten,
> Ton van Hest
> (ps: I was a civil employee for 3 years and will never forget those dark 
> times)
> (psps: I do know some very friendly and nice civil employee's)
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