[Cube] Problems with Powerlogix Upgrade 1.35 GHz - yout too?

Stefan no-spam at punkt-x.de
Mon Dec 20 01:54:28 PST 2004

Hi Bryce,

thanks for answering.
After a third try yesterday, I'll send the card back to the former 
owner (it is used, but worked excellent in his cube, what I believe).
Again the same problems with all firewire media. I believe it is a 
question of the DC/DC board. Maybe especially mine is weaker than 

I hope Powerlogix will really construct a new DC-Board. May be the 
solution for many other problems too.
What do yo all think about the GigaDesigns 7457-1.2-1.5 GHz CPU, that 
can be regulated in voltage?
I got such a part offered, - new.


>Many people have suffered exactly the same problems as you!  If your Cube
>runs perfectly on the 450mhz upgrade then there is definitely a combination
>problem with your Cube and the Powerlogix upgrade card.  Powerlogix is very
>aware of this issue and will shortly be releasing a 'fix' that will involve
>the addition of a custom DC/DC board.
>If you check out the Cubeowner forums there has been a lot of discussion
>about your very problem.  You will also see more information about the new
>processor upgrade cards about to be released by Powerlogix and the new
>service agreement they have with Other World Computing.
>The best action for you to take is to contact Powerlogix for an RMA number
>for warranty return and then ship your processor upgrade back to them ASAP.
>I understand they will be sending out working cards as soon as the new
>upgrade cards are officially released and all warranty replacements will be
>served first.
>Apparently the new upgrade cards are going to be awesome and the custom
>DC/DC board will ensure that there is plenty of stable power to keep the
>Cube running happily.
>Don't waste any more time trying to find the problem yourself - get an RMA
>number and get your upgrade card back to Powerlogix ASAP.
>Hope that helps! ... And have a Happy Christmas,
>(still waiting anxiously for my Powerlogix warranty replacement)
>On 14/12/04 12:19 AM, "Stefan" <no-spam at punkt-x.de> wrote:
>>  Hello friends,
>>  after a long time of waiting I decided to buy a Powerlogix 100 1.3
>>  GHz 7457 Upgrade.
>>  Nervous and with a feeling like christmas I waited and built it 
>>into my cube.
>>  In fact: about 3x times faster than my 450 MHz CPU I could measure
>>  with Xbench. Heureka!!!
>>  But than the problems began: crashes, defect and even dead harddisks
>>  followed and so on.
>>  Be sure, I did everything like the instructions told me. Three days
>>  and tow defect HDs later I ask myself, what might be the reason.
>>  So I couldn't install more than 10.3: 10.3.2.dmg couldn't be mounted,
>>  same with installation of other software. (I made a clean install,
>>  therefore I can't imagine, that owner rights or preferences can be
>>  the reason...)
>>  As I remarked, my cube had and has Boot ROM Version 4.1.9 "f".
>>  No, back to 450 MHz, my cube works stable again.
>>  I'm quite sure, the CPU is OK. In fact it
>>  Has anybody of you had similar problems?
>>  Very interested
>>  Stefan
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