[Cube] No sleep (OS-X 10.3.5)... what can I do/where to search?

Stefan no-spam at punkt-x.de
Mon Dec 20 08:24:45 PST 2004

Hi friends,

my last days I spent with a stupid Powerlogix (1.3 GHz/7457) in and out game...

No, with a fresh installed 10.3.5 Panther and the old 450 MHz, I have 
the problem, that my cube awakes immediately after sent sleeping.
Yesterday everything was normal and it slept as I wanted.
Today, with no change of attached drives or whatelse, with no new 
software etc. it won't sleep.

Has anybody an idea, where/how to search for reasons and solution?
I already looked for energy saver, that seems to be OK.
Also I removed all USB-parts. No success till now.

Any other ideas?


(By the time: in xbench an 7457-Proc. might be noticed as 7455 
Apollo, as I remarked)

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