[Cube] Postive buy/sell with Cubeparts on eBay

Gooeymac [steve] gooey at mac.com
Mon Dec 20 07:38:26 PST 2004

Hi, I wanted to share my experience swapping a couple of parts I needed
to test my beloved and previously dead Cube. The Cube wasn't firing at
all, and I went to the Cubeowner FAQ to try to diagnose.

Seeing that the DC-DC cards are starting to go, I focused on it, found
one on eBay, listed by Jack Kinnicut, who lists as cubeparts on eBay. He
sells the DC-DC board for a reasonable price and shipped immediately. 

Laurie had suggested a battery might even be the prob, and since $10
isn't much to lose trying, I did so while I was waiting for the DC card -
no luck, but not much money or time wasted either.

Got the DC-DC card from Cubeparts, but unfortunately the DC-DC card
turned out to not be the part I needed either. 

Next I needed to try a PSU, or power brick, and I don't know any Cube
owners in Miami, so had to make that purchase, in order to swap it in.
Got this one from eBay lister gabrielsangel, who had severl bricks
available, and I offered him a fair price on one that had just ended with
no bids, and he set me up to buy it at that price immediately. I was
pretty anxious sto try to get my Cube back up. Took a bit to arrive from
CA during Xmas rush, but it did turn out to be the culprit. Put the new
brick on and the Cube fired right up.

Though the DC-DC card tested good after I got the PSU, it was a spare I
didn't need after all. After sharing several emails back and forth, Jack
with Cubeparts agreed take the card back for a small re-stocking fee.

He's not going to make a habit of this kind of over the top customer
service, so please don't ask him, but I thought it was a really nice
gesture of goodwill of him to take the part back, and have it available
for any of us who may need it in the future. Sure, I could'a sold it
myself, but its not really my interest to be selling stuff, which I why I
asked him.

A nice aspect of having a Cube is that we have this superb community of
users and vendors that are available specifically to us. If you have a
need to replace some parts to get your Cube back from the dead, I highly
recommend Jack, and Cubeparts, on eBay.

    :: steve

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