[Cube] Buying a good Upgrade & last words to Powerlogix Upgrade CD

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Tue Dec 28 03:24:51 PST 2004

Christian: How were you able to sit a 80x80x25 fan in a Cube!? Isn't it taller than the available room there inside the Cubes!? Panaflos distributed by Sonnet and PL are 15cm tall, that's why I'm asking...


>>> c.leue at mac.com - 2004/12/28 10:29 AM >>>

I can second the opinion. The GigaDesigns CPU card is very stable and 
quick. The included blue LED fan is much too loud, however. Do your 
ears a favor and get a really whisper quiet fan at 

I have the "MR Computertechnik ichbinleise Fan 80/1000 blue" installed, 
and really cannot hear it at more than 30 cm distance from the Cube 
(the Papst Typ 8412 NGLLE provides equal air volume and is supposed to 
be even quieter).


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