[Cube] Getting fed up with Cube.

Christian Leue c.leue at mac.com
Tue Dec 28 03:59:07 PST 2004

> If (and only if) I power down then it is (almost always)  impossible 
> to get it started again. When i does not start I have to take the core 
> out, press the switch on the logic board and then it starts without 
> any problem.

Hi Ton,

sorry, but I can only offer a "me too" message: I had the identical 
problem with my 1.2GHz GigaDesigns card which eventually went belly up 
so I RMAed it (they replaced it with a new 1.4GHz card (alas, which 
won't sleep, but I can live with letting the displays go black and the 
disks spin down)).


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