[Cube] OS 10.3.7 peripheral "alert"

Steve Goldstein sng at cox.net
Mon Jan 3 11:01:43 PST 2005

My wife uses the family Cube (I had to switch to a G4 Quicksilver 
when my cube was, according to Apple, beyond further repair). 
Anyway, we had both upgraded to OS 10.3.7 a week or so ago, and 
everything seemed fine.  But, in the past few days, two things went 
wrong on the Cube:

(1) I could not install a new wireless hp Deskjet 5850 printer on the 
Cube (even though I had no trouble whatever installing it on the 
Quicksilver), and

(2) her Epson Perfection 3170 scanner stopped scanning in the middle 
of a scan (after already having scanned several photos), and we were 
ready to send it in for repair before investing in a 1-hour long 
distance call to Epson Customer Service (which, BTW, was 
top-notch--BRAVO, Epson!).

***Both*** turned out to be matters needing ***software/driver 
updates*** to cope with 10.3.  But, golly-gee McGee <stronger 
expletive deleted!>, all had been fine with 103.x, where x<7.  After 
retrieving and installing  the latest updates from the appropriate 
web sites (Epson scanners also use newsoft.com, BTW), all is again 
working fine.  Both the new hp Deskjet 5850 printer and the Epson 
scanner are happily purring away on the Cube.  [And, as an aside, I 
have to say that the wireless networked hp printer is a little gem. 
It discounts in the US for about $150, but I got a brand new one 
through the "New and Used" section of Amazon for US$108 + postage and 
handling, or US$119, total. -- Highly recommended.]

So, word of warning: if you are having trouble with peripherals after 
having installed OS 10.3.7 on your Cube, consider updating the driver 


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