[Cube] Re: Cube Digest, Vol 5, Issue 2

phoenix phoenix at cybernothing.org
Tue Jan 11 23:23:35 PST 2005

Quoth Francois :

> i wonder how it will do compared to the cube, i bet it will do a lot
> better, but i think that not having a keyboard, mouse or speakers will
> impact it's sales. other than that, i can't wait to see some
> benchmarks!!!

    I think it'll sell tons: One reason I chose a Cube over an iMac was that
I could hook up whatever the hell I wanted to it -- just sell me the box and
let me play. 

    The price point is what's gonna' sell the thing. I might even pick one
up to use as a mail server  :)

"Yeah, we rocked the vote all right; those little bastards betrayed us
again."  -- Hunter S. Thompson

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