[Cube] Re: mac mini

Joseph B. Gurman jgurman at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 05:14:04 PST 2005

     Kunga wrote:

>Downside of Mac mini:
>1 GB RAM limit
>32 MB Video Limit
>1.43 GHz Speed Limit
>FAN. How loud it is is yet to be determined. But any fan is problematic
>in my opinion.
>So it's not dead quiet. And we have a 1.6 GHz fanless G4 upgrade coming
>soon from GigaDesigns later this month.
>Upside of Mac mini:
>Super Small 6.5" x 2" space saver
>USB 2
>Airport Extreme
>Native DVI Port
>Low Entry Price

     I would add what I consider the most obvious: list price within 
about $50 of the price of a Cube CPU upgrade, with no muss, fuss, or 
thermal paste. (I know not all the upgrades require it.)

     There's also:

167 MHz system bus (vs. 100 MHz in the Cube)

24X CD-R/8X  DVD reader

Standard audio line-out jack

graphics and DVI port support current Cinema (20-inch) and Cinema HD 
(23-inch) Displays

S-video and composite video out

and my favorite....

the possibility, with AppleCare, of Apple support through 2008.

     And of course, you can stack five of them in the volume of a Cube.

						Joe Gurman

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