[Cube] Mac mini take apart clues

Philip J Robar philip.robar at myrealbox.com
Wed Jan 12 15:45:51 PST 2005

On Jan 12, 2005, at 3:28 PM, Snow White wrote:

> These 3200 chips cost some hefty dough, but wait 3 years and let the 
> Windows world catch up in the RAM dept a bit and the market may get 
> some economies of scale for the price drops we want to see.

3200 DDR memory isn't all that expensive, especially if you don't 
dealing with rebates. I recently bought 512 MB for around $60 after 

> This little mini is cool but a couple years behind the times - G5's 
> kick the pants off this ...

The differences between a G4 and G5 are often not as big as you might 
expect - especially given the default energy setting for the G5 iMac. 
See the two benchmark articles that MacIntouch published recently:



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