[Cube] Re: Cube Digest, Vol 5, Issue 4

Joseph B. Gurman jgurman at comcast.net
Thu Jan 13 06:07:26 PST 2005

     Ton van Hest wrote:

>  > and my favorite....
>>  the possibility, with AppleCare, of Apple support through 2008.
>Who the ..... is going to pay about 40% of the price of a unit to get
>warrenty that he already is entitled to according to the laws of most
>I can tell you one thing. This mini is targeted toward switchers and
>switchers are not going to pay such horrendous amounts. Apple will be
>in for much very very bad publicity if they do not change their
>approach towards customers.

     Well, in the country where Apple has its 
headquarters, many people like to make such 
choices for themselves, rather than be forced to 
buy such a long warranty when they buy a product. 
They might, in the case of a laptop, for 
instance, prefer to buy insurance rather than a 
warranty that doesn't cover droppage or theft. 
Consider it analogous to VAT. Some countries have 
it, but not all. In those countries where 
warranties are guaranteed, I can guarantee you 
they're rolled into the product price, which is 
one of the reasons the mini is ¤499 or about 
US$660 (today) at the Apple Store Netherlands.... 
but wait, they're selling AppleCare, there, too 
(for ¤199!), presumably for the phone support? I 
can certainly understand why European Macistas 
are upset at the pricing. Makes no sense, given 
the ¤/$ ratio.

     I think AppleCare is worth the price for 
almost any new machine, save perhaps one that is 
near the end of its production life and has 
proven to be particularly robust and reliable --- 
and you, the owner, are reasonably experienced 
with the inside of computers. If nothing else, it 
allows you to get free repairs at any Apple Store 
or other Mac shop with a certified tech.

     But please note that I did say, "the 
possibility." With a Cube, there is no such 
coverage available, nor has there been since last 
year some time (unless someone purchased a 
refurbed Cube from Apple in '02?). The warranty 
may or may not fit your needs, but if it does, 
it's nice --- to be able to choose it.

     All the best,

						Joe Gurman
"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by."
- Douglas Adams, 1952 - 2001

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