[Cube] Re: Cube Digest, Vol 5, Issue 4

Stefan no-spam at punkt-x.de
Fri Jan 14 03:17:44 PST 2005

Hi Joe (and others)

maybe there's yet an alternative:

Most hardware (with exception of HDs) will fail soon or - nearly - never.
Therefore it might be a good idea to test the cube for about half a 
year or so and then to decide about buying AppleCare.

I think a new apple will have warranty all over the world within the 
first six month (?)

I bought my cube used at the age of about six month and AppleCare was 
included (so I hadn't to decide). In fact I had the following 
problems within the rest of the time:
  - a defect keyboard
  - an enclosure with optical damage (that was accepted without problems)
  - a defect DVD-R (near the end of the time)
  - & several calls with support line

The quite expensive prizes of Apple let to a 0:0 ratio of costs.
If I would buy AppleCare myself? Probably no. In germany we have a 
one year warranty, that's enough. If  remarkable less expensive I 
would even buy with shorter warranty.


>... I think AppleCare is worth the price for almost any new machine, 
>save perhaps one that is near the end of its production life and has 
>proven to be particularly robust and reliable --- and you, the 
>owner, are reasonably experienced with the inside of computers. If 
>nothing else, it allows you to get free repairs at any Apple Store 
>or other Mac shop with a certified tech.
>     But please note that I did say, "the possibility." With a Cube, 
>there is no such coverage available, nor has there been since last 
>year some time (unless someone purchased a refurbed Cube from Apple 
>in '02?). The warranty may or may not fit your needs, but if it 
>does, it's nice --- to be able to choose it.
>All the best,
>Joe Gurman

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