[Cube] First XBench of new Macmini - the link

Stefan no-spam at punkt-x.de
Fri Jan 14 02:18:18 PST 2005

Hi friends,

some minutes ago I found a link to the first Xbench-data of our new "cube"


As most of us will remark, the Macmini is not yet a real cube-killer, 
- compared with an upgraded cube!!

In fact, the mini is quite fast, compared with my 1.5 GHz GigaDesign-Cube.
The only weak point is the harddisk. But that might change, when 
faster 2.5' HDs will come.
How fast will it be together with an external FW-HD???

At 500 $ it is a real alternative, yes....
And a real attractive media-computer if not too loud.


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