[Cube] ipod help - FYI

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Fri Jan 21 04:46:15 PST 2005

Pep: You can either manage your iTunes/iPod interface manually or automatically. If you choose to do it automatically, once you delete a song from you iTunes library it will also happen for your iPod library too. Now you can avoid this if you choose 'manually' mode in iTunes preferences. You can bring the iTunes/iPod preferences dialog by pushing the iPod button in your iTunes window (bottom right corner) or the tradicional way: going though the menu mode iTunes>Preferences>iPod. For both ways iPod must be connected to your Mac.


>>> pep27 at mac.com >>>
My experience has been that NONE of those programs work.

The computer always asks if you want to sync the iPod to the computer with 
the empty iTunes library.  If you answer "no", the programs exit.  If you 
answer "yes", of course, you end up erasing the iPod.  I don't know anyone 
who has gotten around that.

I ended up copying the iTunes library from one computer to the other using 
Target Disk mode.  That definately works.  5GB takes circa 25 minutes via 
FireWire.  Very easy to do.

Of course, her problem would not be helped by that info unless she has her 
iTunes library backed up.

I'd need proof via a live demo before I wasted any more time fiddling around 
with third-party iPod software.  I think I tried three different programs.  
None worked.


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