[Cube] ipod help - games

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Fri Jan 21 08:54:13 PST 2005

Helen: I suppose you can't do it. Like i.e. you can't mount a 4G iPod in a Mac OS 9 environment.

1. Songs: songs are digital files/data that are hidden inside the iPod, this is the way for disabling transfer function between multiple computers, assigning the hardware exclusively to one Mac.
2. Games: games are code source/software bundled in the iPod firmware, and i guess you can't wipe it from there (unless some genius geek is messing up around the iPod software/firmware).

Just my 2 cents,

>>> helenjlowe at hotmail.com - 21/01/2005 2:41 PM >>>
I have tried various free software to "upload" tunes from iPod, and they all 

But what I'd like to know (as a terrible games addict who wants to kick the 
habit!) is how can I get rid of the games off the iPod, like delete them 
altogether? I can't find any software that can "see" the games.

Any ideas?

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