[Cube] Powerlogix CPU upgrade question....

Luis Meleiro luis_meleiro at cilsp.com
Thu Mar 1 09:35:54 PST 2007

Go for a VRM Bypass one. Mine is a dual 1.7Ghz and I've had ZERO problems with it. It seems the older ones were a can of worms. 
Just my 0,02* 

>>>riba at ml1.net 03/01/07 4:56 pm >>>

On 2007.03.01, at 11:25, Luis Meleiro wrote:

I don't have the nerve for Cubeowner so I thought someone can give me 
a summary. :) But anyway it is not that important, I just found out 
that for some strange reason OWC does not list the 1.5 GHz powerlogix 
upgrade when you search by the machine model, but it does show it 
when you manually browse the CPU category. At $250, it fits my budget 
so I will probably go for it. Yes, it is a Cube specific model.

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