[Cube] USB stopped working

Bruce Carr brucarr at rogers.com
Sat Mar 3 19:53:59 PST 2007

This dilemma is mystifying. The USB function is very intermittent.
I've now tried booting into system 9 and then I saw the mouse working at the
"choose System 9 or system 10 window" I went with 10 - the USB works. Do the
same routine  second time and it doesn't work. Third time - works. System
profiler sees the USB devices.

On 3/3/07 10:13 PM, "Bruce Carr" <brucarr at rogers.com> wrote:

> I've tried all the usual tests and both USB ports do not work any more. I've
> rebooted with and without known operational USB devices several times
> keyboards, mice, speakers etc. Nothing. The system profiler finds and names
> the USB devices but they don't operate.
> Original 500mg, 1 gig ram, up to date OS.
> Are there any USB drivers or something I can delete or reinstall - Quick fix
> or will have to perform the big nasty re-install.
> My Pismo Powerbook runs well under Panther but I'm seeking the Browser
> Parental controls of Tiger. If it runs reasonably for my 9 yr old daughter
> than I will make the big jump to Tiger for her - she loves big cats.
> How do I turn off Spotlight and Dashboard?
> On 3/3/07 7:04 PM, "phoenix" <phoenix at cybernothing.org> wrote:
>> Quoth bruce --
>>> USB stopped working.
>>> I'm still under Panther and my USB suddenly stopped working. I'm hoping that
>>> someone knows a quick fix as I don't really want to do a system install
>>> right now.
>>      Last time my USB things stopped working, unplugging and
>> re-plugging them seemed to do the trick. This was a relief, as I
>> didn't want to have to buy another iMic.
>>> I plan on finally installing Tiger on my cube next month when I have a
>>> little time. Also, does anyone know if Tiger will install and operate with
>>> any success in an old G3 400 mg Powerbook or is that pushing it?
>>> Thanks again as usual.
>>      Tiger runs well on my Cube, my G3 iBook 700, and my Pismo (G3
>> Powerbook 400 MHz w/ Firewire). Turning off Spotlight and Dashboard
>> seems to have improved performance, too.
>> AJM
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