[Cube] Dead Cube Power Supply

Frederick Manter frederix9 at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 1 12:34:25 PDT 2010

Before you buy a worn-out one on E Bay check with Dr. Bott's great Mac  
goody store. They had a gadget, think it was called a "Deviator," or  
something close to that, which consisted of a brand new genuine Apple  
Cube Power Supply and a couple special plugs. Forgot what it was used  
for but think it was for running several monitors at once. When my PS  
went south I bought one of these and it's still powering my Cube. That  
was about three years ago and I think I paid about $ 85 for it.  They  
may not be still selling them but it's certainly worth checking.


HTH, F'k

On 1-Aug-10, at 3:09 PM, Abraham Bloom wrote:

> 	Well my trusty G4 Cube Power Supply just bit the big one.  What a  
> pain!  The question is do I spend $80+ on a used power supply from e- 
> bay or put this baby to rest or hold out until I find another  
> cheeper.  Any power supply I find will be as old and potentially  
> will also be on its last legs as well so I hesitate on  
> resuscitation.  Thoughts??  I love this machine and it has been  
> running steady for 3 years but I only use it for a music box with a  
> remote any serious computing is with my Mac Pro.   I just hate to  
> see an Apple going unused.
> 	Abraham
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