[Duo2400] Re: Ethernet on 2400c

Greg 2400C at retrotechpost.com
Thu Jun 17 01:22:57 PDT 2004

On Jun 17, 2004, at 1:01 AM, Dijkwel at aol.com wrote:

> Thanks for all the suggestions.
> However, it appears that my machine is not convinced it should do 
> ethernet. I've gotten rid of preferences, reinstalled 9.1 after wiping 
> the disk (even went back to 8.6) but ethernet still does not appear as 
> an option even though all extensions are present and engaged (but 
> apparently not active). What am I doing wrong?

If the OS can't see the card, it won't let you have ethernet. You need 
to load the right drivers and use a card that is compatible with the 

Greg G
2400C at retrotechpost.com

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