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Thu Jun 17 05:17:52 PDT 2004

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Dijkwel at aol.com writes:

>Thanks for all the suggestions. 
>However, it appears that my machine is not convinced it should do ethernet. 
I've gotten rid 
>of preferences, reinstalled 9.1 after wiping the disk (even went back to 
8.6) but ethernet still 
>does not appear as an option even though all extensions are present and 
engaged (but 
>apparently not active). What am I doing wrong?
>Any help greatly appreciated!

I had this SAME problem when I first got my 2400c a few months ago; I did not 
have an option to choose Ethernet in the TCP/IP Control Panel..

If I remember correctly, I was instructed by a lister to install the Card & 
Socket software. Worked perfectly from then on...

Let me ALSO warn you that certain ethernet card would not work w/ my 2400c. I 
use Global Village in all of my other Powerbooks, but it would not work in 
the 2400c -- in fact it made it crash -- even when I installed the updated 
driver for the PCI-Powerbooks (3400c, 2400c).

I had to get a Dayna Ethernet card + driver; it works fine now. To get one 
for a good price, however, I had to bid on and win a package of about FIVE(!), 
so if U need one...

Craig W.
Atlanta, GA
Power corrupts. Absolute power's a blast. ­- John Fund 

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