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Mon Jun 21 20:23:09 PDT 2004

At 08:19 PM 6/21/2004, Dan K, had this to say :

>Yes, swap the trackpad for one from say, a 3400, using a 190's cable.
>Hmm, maybe the 190's t'pad is clickable? Ahh dangit, I ferget now, it's
>been quite awhile since I messed with the dern things. I suppose if one
>got a 190 palmrest with pad 'n' cable, one could see for oneself. :-)
>Heck, isn't a 2300's t'pad clickable out of the box? Or maybe I swapped a
>3400 pad into my main 2300? I know what I gots does the clickable thingy,
>but my (t)rusty brain _wants_ to remember but refuses.
>What I _DO_ remember is the same basic t'pad was used in (at least) the
>190, 2300, 3400/3500 and Wallstreet. Maybe the Lombard too . . . The
>5300's t'pad has a different connector, which swaps with only PBs 500.
>hoping that helped (a little even? :-),

         Oh yes, the 2300c using 9.1 (that's all I ever install these days) 
does have a clickable trackpad. The 5300 does not. I assume it is based on 
the design of the pad. Well, if I get my hands on a 190, I'll try it out.



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