[DuoList] Hello again...

Carlos Pinto cplusc at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 10 15:09:59 PST 2012

Hello Everyone,
  I have decided that I miss this list and that there is always room for a Duo/powerbook in everybody's life.
 I was a long time list member. I sold almost all of my 2400c powerbooks that i had in my basement.
This was a mistake. I should have kept at least one that was working.  I still have case parts a screen and 
a keyboard etc, as well as one "shell" (complete) that doesn't work.
 Anyone know how much i should pay for a 2400c in todays market??
 I am looking to make one a permanent member of my computer family in my home office.

Cheers and thanks for any info

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