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Carlos Pinto cplusc at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 10 15:54:14 PST 2012

  I went to a powerbook G4 12" as a natural progression as well, and am now on a 11" macbook air. I agree the 90's had some pretty cool stuff. It was the software that was unstable as a "klingon" at a beauty parlour.The 90's was a time of computer discovery for me, so maybe I'm biased .
   There was allot of collaboration between Frog design and apple. Steve Jobs was responsible for established that connection. Even though he wasn't there (during the 90s) the natural continuation of that relationship continued.  He viewed well designed (visually ) products as well as engineering and software, as a necessary marriage . We currently have allot to be thankful for. don't you agree ??

  I hope the Industrial Design relationship at "Current" apple continues. That said… Apple will have to start a new design relationship in order to affect change and continue to evolve as a company/product. It is the revolutions that generate excitement. But the completely thought out role of the product line is what's made it a success.
Hopefuly someone will have vision at the helm of the apple machine.

On 2012-03-10, at 6:28 PM, Clu wrote:

> Hello Kirojira,
> The Duo was something I glad I got into.   In the end I had a good working 2300c and used that for a while.  I decided in the end to freecycle my lot to a family that was looking to get a laptop for their kids.  Don't regret that, but like you still glad to be here to talk about how cool the Duo was.  You know, I think it is interesting that the Duo is not revered more often as one of those cool computers of the 90's.   Someone brought that up at Atariage.com how the computers of the 90's were not interesting, but I disagreed.  Apple brought out many interesting computers in the 90's.  There were among others the millenium macintosh, the Mac Cube, the iMac line, and I really think in a age of the beige Macs, the Mac Duo showed the creativity of the Mac still.  (I still think Newton was of the creative computers of the 90's too.)
> All and all, glad I had one.   I now use a Macintosh G4 PowerBook 12".   The next computer I will be using come Apple, A MacBook Air 11".   Apparently I liked the form actor the Mac Duo laptop to continue with about that size.  ;)
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