Firewire Formatting Utilities

DaleH dhoff at
Tue Dec 3 07:53:19 PST 2002

Back in the SCSI days before Apple's Drive Setup recognized 3rd party 
drives, I used FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit on everything that was 
external and SCSI.

Now I have Firewire drives from half a dozen sources asking me to to 
format with the distributor's tool of choice - Lacie Silverlining, 
Charismac Anubis Utility, APS PowerTools, Intech SpeedTools - each of 
which requires installing their own Firewire Support extension to 
allow formatting.

I'd like to be able to format all of my Firewire drives with one 
utility. Since FWB is slow on answering via email, I'd like some user 
feedback on whether other utilities might work on all Firewire/USB 


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