[1394] Firewire Formatting Utilities

Erik Gilchrist erikgil at metagrafix.com
Tue Dec 3 08:14:19 PST 2002

Quoting DaleH <dhoff at margnat.com>:
> I'd like to be able to format all of my Firewire drives with one 
> utility. Since FWB is slow on answering via email, I'd like some user 
> feedback on whether other utilities might work on all Firewire/USB 
> devices.
> DaleH

Well, I only have one FW external device.  A OWC Mercury Elite 60GB FW1/USB2
drive.  It came with Initech (sp?) Tools.  I just used the Disk Utility on my
Jaguar machine to initialize and partition it.  

I use it on a g4 867 Dual w/Built-in FW Running Jag, a iBook 300 rev A. w/
USB1.0 (no FW) Running Jag, a 9600 w/ 400mhz G3 processor and FW card Running
Jag and a 8500 w/ FW Card running 10.1.5.  It even mounts on my UMAX s900
running seme version of os9.1+

After getting burned by FWB in days or 8.1 and not being able to use the apple
tools on a drive i had no backup on, I just stick w/ the Apple utilities for
now.  That's just my choice.  Whether right or wrong.  I always upgrade the OS,
so the Utilities by Apple get updated along with that.

Besides, instead of paying for FWB or Initech, I spent my money on Disk Warrior  ;-)


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